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Hey everyone and welcome to Bettingsites.us. The goal of this site is simple - to provide a comprehensive guide to online sports betting for United States bettors. I have years of experience betting sports online and will provide all this site’s readers with up to date, no BS, honest sportsbook reviews, guides for all the most frequently bet sports in the US, as well as “how to” articles that explain everything from the various types of bet that can be made such as teasers and parlays, right through to round robin and reverse bets.

Unlike many other gambling related websites, BettingSites.us is focused solely on the players. My listings, ratings and recommendations are not for sale. Too many websites promote sportsbooks they know are questionable or in some cases, downright thieves, just so they can line their own pockets. I do independent research on all the betting sites listed here and always put the players first. If a book is in any way shady or dodgy, then my comprehensive sportsbook ratings will reflect that. I have accounts at every single site I recommend here and use them all regularly, so you can bet safe in the knowledge that your money is completely secure.

It is my goal for BettingSites.us to be the premier source for everything related to US friendly online sportsbooks. I know the US market extremely well and plan to use this expertise to bring the most up to date news and information to bettors. Listed below are guides to each of the most popular sports in the USA. Further down the page you will find information on the history of gambling in America, it’s current legal status and at the bottom of the page you will find my top 5 sportsbooks.

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Sports Betting in America

Like many other Americans, I grew up an avid sports fan and lived and died with my favorite teams. Gambling in America has its roots in the American Revolution,from the gambling saloons of the Old West through to the online sportsbooks and card rooms of today. Betting on sports is as American as the Fourth of July, hamburgers and hot dogs. The media and other organizations love to demonize gambling and more specifically sports betting. I don’t see any problem with a rational adult making a decision to wager his hard earned money on a sporting event. Just as a bunch of women might spend $300 to go to a Broadway show, a guy and his buddies might bet the same amount on a football game they get together to watch. However, one is judged a lot more harshly than the other. The bottom line is they are both forms of entertainment. Who doesn’t enjoy watching football with their buddies, knocking back a few beers and rooting for your team to cover? It doesn’t get much more American than that! Furthermore, saying that I can go to Vegas and bet on a game, but can't do it from my own home, is to be frank, BS. Talk about double standards. Policies like these do nothing more than to highlight the power of money and how the Vegas lobbyists can influence our government to restrict us from enjoying one of America's oldest national past times.


I have been wagering on sports since my teenage years and see myself as an expert on the US betting market, certainly when it comes to my three favorite sports - football, basketball and baseball. I will provide bettors with:
  • In-depth, honest, USA sportsbook reviews: With my unique rating system, I’ll take into account all the factors of each and let bettors know the positives and negatives of using them.
  • Up to date payouts and withdrawal times of US facing companies: This is especially crucial in today’s industry as payout times can fluctuate depending on processing options and sportsbook volume. If a book is “slow pay” or even “no pay” I’ll provide you with advance warnings.
  • Guides for beginners and advanced bettors: I will break down all the different types of bet that can be made such as teasers and parlays. I will also look at more advanced concepts such as power ratings, handicapping and arbing. These articles alone will not make you an instant winner, but they will provide a solid foundation for understanding sports betting strategies and how the markets work.
  • Primer articles for each of the leading US sports: As well as the big 4, I'll also explain how to bet on Nascar, tennis, golf, UFC and every other sport that is popular in the US.
  • Daily and weekly betting picks for all sports: As this site is still in its infancy I want to first get a solid foundation of articles live on the site. Once this is all set, I will provide in-depth analysis for a variety of different sports, and will post regular picks totally free of charge!
  • Industry news and alerts for players. This includes sites to avoid as well as any legislation changes being made on a state by state basis.

Is sports betting online legal in the United States?

There is currently no federal law that prohibits gambling online. While the process of placing a bet on the internet or with a local bookie may be deemed “illegal” by the government, there is no law on the books that reinforce this legal premise. A few states have additional restrictions on online gambling, but these are rarely enforced, if at all. In fact, only one person has ever been charged with a crime for betting sports online. In 2003, a man named Jeffrey Trauman paid $500 for a reported $100,000 in winnings – nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Even though the U.S. Department of Justice has criminalized the processing of gambling transactions, the US market is still flourishing. An online bookmaker that takes bets from US customers is no more in violation of the law than a corner bookie who takes bets at a local bar. The only place US citizens can gamble legally on sports is in Nevada, and not all of us have that luxury. In conclusion, if you are an American who just wants to bet online, then you should know that you are not violating any Federal law and are almost certainly never going to be prosecuted.

Are you sure it is safe?

The Federal government is not happy that offshore bookmakers are taking money from its citizens with no kick backs to Uncle Sam. They have arrested owners of offshore books who have stepped foot onto US soil and regularly try to take down domains that fall under their jurisdiction. They also target banks and payment processors that handle these transactions. Again, as I covered above, there is almost no chance of prosecution as an individual bettor. While the operators and payment processors could face Federal prosecution, this is also unlikely as their servers and base of operations are not located in the United States and they cannot be extradited for something that is legal in their home countries.

Is online betting regulated in other parts of the world?

Yes, many countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia legalized sports betting over 30 years ago. When internet wagering became available, they quickly passed laws making it legal and provided safeguards for online bookies and bettors. The vast majority of countries allow online betting. Some may legalize and tax the activity and allow their countries to be bases for betting operations, and others simply allow citizens to exercise their freedom of choice to do what they wish with their money. The so called "Land of the Free" on the other hand......

I’m worried, is my money at risk if I bet online in the United States?

Millions of people in the United States wager at online bookies every year. However, that does not mean there is no risk. Sites can go bankrupt, cheat, or be dishonest with their customers. The vast majority of those servicing US players are honest, secure and process withdrawals to players in a timely fashion, but there are bad apples in every industry. That's why using watchdog sites such as this is so important. I will never promote a book on this site that has any history of stiffing players or dishonest behavior. If I don't feel safe using a site to place a bet, then I couldn't morally promote that site to somebody else.

Why are the advantages to betting online, versus a local bookie?

For one, players have access to a customer support team to help with any issues that they may run into when betting online. Most US sportsbooks employ 24 hour support, via phone, email and live chat. There will always be someone available to answer questions or help solve problems. The number of betting options and markets also increase tenfold when wagering online. In addition to straight bets, online bookmakers offer parlays, teasers and prop bets on a variety of games and events. Live betting or in-game wagering is also an option at most sites. Many locals will take action on just a few sports, whereas the majority of US betting sites offer odds on every sport in the world. Players using online companies also have access to sign up bonuses and other promotions. For example, when you make your first deposit, you will instantly receive a cash bonus that can be used for making bets. Bonuses can range from double figures right up to thousands of dollars. Also, due to the large number of competing sites, you can shop multiple books in order to find the best lines. Many sites such as 5Dimes offer reduced juice wagering, free bet promotions and better parlay and teaser odds than most locals. There is simply no comparison between betting online and using a local bookie. The number of options, bonuses and variety of bets a player has on the table makes it an obvious choice for even the smallest of bettors. Big time sports bettors would be fools not to take their action online.

Final Thoughts

Too many betting sites will write whatever it takes to make a quick buck, even if that means misleading their users. My attention at BettingSites.us is on the individual bettor. Yes, I am the site's owner, but I am still first and foremost a sports bettor. If I recommend an online sportsbook you can rest assured it is 110% safe to use. This site is not flashy, but it is hard hitting. I plan to report the facts and I won’t sugarcoat them. I honestly believe this approach will provide bettors with a source they can trust and will keep people coming back to BettingSites.us. I wish you the best of luck with all your bets and hope you enjoy the site!