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Bookmaker.eu Review

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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Review By Donald Porter

Bookmaker are a company who have been in the online betting game since the early days of the internet. They are hugely respected by everyone in the sports betting community.

They offer early and competitive lines and cover a huge number of sports and markets. Cash outs can be pricy but are guaranteed to arrive. Overall they are one of the leading sites left serving US players.

Bookmaker is one of the longest-tenured online sportsbooks around, taking bets since as far back as 1996. They have an outstanding reputation among larger bettors, possessing some of the biggest betting limits around. Bookmaker and BetCRIS are owned by the same people and have shuffled customers back-and-forth on occasion; now Bookmaker is the home to players from the United States.



why we love em

  • Extremely competitive odds
  • 100% trustworthy
  • Cover many sports
  • Debit card for withdraws
  • High betting limits

Why we hate em

  • Expensive checks and wires
  • 20 cent baseball lines

Background of the Company

BetCRIS first opened in 1985 and incredibly, has been online since 1988. The company was among the first to recognize potential problems with legislation in the United States and preemptively moved all of its U.S. players to Bookmaker in 2007. All non-U. S. bettors were moved from Bookmaker to BetCRIS in 2012. BetCRIS now targets European players, while Bookmaker targets players from the U.S.

Betting limits are among the highest that you will find anywhere; that includes sportsbooks based in Las Vegas. Bookmaker will accept $40,000 NFL wagers and $20,000 wagers on college football from Thursday through kick-off. Their NBA betting limits are $10,000 for sides and an unheard of $5,000 for totals, while you can wager up to $10,000 on a baseball game.
Very few bettors will ever approach the limits at Bookmaker and you do not have to worry about having your individual betting limits reduced if you win often.

The website can appear to be slightly busy as they cram quite a bit of information to go along with their betting lines, most notably a percentage indicator letting you know what other people are betting on. That said, the site isn’t at all difficult to navigate and it’s pretty easy to find what it is you are looking for. Live help is always available, so bettors won’t run into any unforeseen problems without being able to request help.

Big Focus on American Sports

Bookmaker offers lines on all of the major sports, both those that take place in the United States and elsewhere, such as rugby and soccer from around the globe. They also carry numerous wagers on other sports such as Formula 1 racing.

However, it is obvious when using the site that they are mainly concerned with the big US sports.

They offer numerous alternate lines and daily proposition bets. In baseball, you can wager on alternate run lines, 2.5-run run lines, as well as team totals for runs, hits and errors combined, along with many other wagers. The one negative aspect is the 20-cent line used for baseball.

An Ok Bonus

Bookmaker is above average in the bonus department, offering new accounts a 15% bonus up to a max of $300. So if you deposit $2000 you will receive a 15% bonus ie $300. Subsequent deposits will earn either a 10% or 15% bonus depending on your level of play. Deposits of $100 or more made on Tuesdays receive a 20% bonus and that’s when bettors should look to add to their betting accounts. Even if you don’t plan to bet until weekend games, the most value can be had by using their Tuesday specials.

Getting Paid is a Sure Thing

Bookmaker makes it easy to fund your account, giving many different options, including Visa card, bank wire, cashiers check or certified check, along with international money transfers. If you want to make a deposit, Bookmaker will have a way for you to do so.

When it comes to cashing out, Bookmaker are well known for reliability. If they owe you money you will 100% receive it. Generally speaking you will get it quickly too. Checks take up to a month to arrive to my house, which is probably a bit faster than the industry average right now. Payouts requested by a person-to-person money transfer may still take 7 to 15 days business days to process For many bettors including me, waiting a bit longer is worth the reduced risk you have of betting with Bookmaker.

However, while they are speedy, the above comes with a caveat – most of them are going to cost you some money, including a hefty $65 for merely requesting a check. The maximum check amount you can request is $2,500 and you are allowed one payout request per week. For 99.9% of bettors this won’t be a problem. But if you are a very large bettor it could take you a while to get your money out. You will definitely get paid, but it will be in $2500 installments.

There are a couple of other options for US players. The first is a bank wire which again does not come cheap. But if you’re a sharp who’s beating the book for large sums or you hit a big parlay win, then it might be worth it to get all your money out at once. The fees for a wire are:


They generally take about 7 days to process but can take a bit longer.

The third option and my favoured option is the Bookmaker debit card. Regular bettors can apply to receive a debit card that can then be used anywhere around the world to withdraw money. This includes right here at home in the USA. You can use it an ATM or for buying goods online, exactly like you’d a your Visa Electron card.

Bookmaker – As Safe an Option as there is in the US Market

Recreational and larger bettors will definitely enjoy the high limits available at Bookmaker. The variety of offerings, especially on US sports should satisfy every bettor. They also offer the best lines on most sports, though 5Dimes reduced VIG lines do come close. The company’s long track record of meeting its financial obligations is another big plus.

On the downside, the 20-cent line in baseball may have baseball fans looking elsewhere, although a slightly worse line may be better than running the risk of using a less reputable book with a better price. The cost and time of receiving a withdraw may be a slight annoyance to some, although for me, knowing I will get paid helps offsets many of the negatives. Bookmaker are a lot of plusses and very negatives. Overall they’re a great choice for bettors in the United States.

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