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Topbet Review

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Review By Donald Porter

Topbet until just a few short years ago was a very small sportsbook with a bad rep getting very little traffic. Since then they’ve put a huge amount of time and money into marketing and are now one of the top 10 books in the US market.

Best known for their big bonuses and weekly free bets during NFL, NBA and MLB seasons, they cater mostly for recreational players and bonus hunters. However, are they worth betting with?

You know, there are some days when you can just tell that something bad is bound to happen. It can be something simple like a you trip and fall in a rain puddle, break the zipper on your pants, or even just have a hard time waking up out of bed. For us, we know we are bound to have a bad day when we spot a review request for a sportsbook with a bad reputation.

Sites with bad reputations have them for a reason, be it their bad banking and customer service, or subpar betting options. For several years we have known that many players have lodged complaints against TopBet for non-payments, so we had a sinking feeling in our stomachs that this was going to be a bad day.


why we love em

  • Great seasonal promotions
  • Offers lines on most sports
  • Wide variety of NFL lines

Why we hate em

  • Website looks bad on mobile
  • Site traditionally has a bad reputation
  • Customer service and banking is not amazing

Suitable Site & Offerings

At a first glance there is really nothing wrong with TopBet. The site has an appealing look, and venturing inside offered us a chance to spy on the sportsbook before we registered an account.

We were relieved to see offerings such as football, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, NASCAR, basketball, boxing, MMA, hockey, rugby, and cricket. Other sites with poor reputations have a history of skimping on the offerings (ie WagerWeb), but we can honestly say that this is not a problem with TopBet.

Additionally, we really liked the betting platform on the site. The wagering tool isn’t unique, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. We have seen this tool before, and it is likely you have too. It works by the punter putting in the amount of your bet in to see the amount of win possibility.

In addition to its sportsbook, TopBet does offer a casino to help keep punters entertained with a product beyond just sports betting. We found that the games were alright, if not a little bland. You aren’t going to end up getting a solid betting experience with titles like you see from BetSoft, but as long as you understand that going in you should be fine.

The products offered by TopBet on its website actually looked pretty good to us, which is surprising considering the shoddy reputation that the site has. We were somewhat taken aback by this, and somewhat let our guard down.

We wish that we hadn’t.

Horrible Mobile Options

After our PC betting experience, we decided that we needed to take a look at TopBet’s mobile site. We ended up logging in with an iPhone and an iPad to see just how it performed.

Ugly isn’t a bad enough word to describe this site. We found the coloring and layout to be absolutely horrendous, and given the nice layout of the desktop site, we were shocked.

We also did not like the overall feel to the site. The buttons were clumsy and did not respond well for us, which led to frustrations that we did not want to deal with.

The disappointment of the mobile site was bad, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for us… that moment was coming soon.

Banking That Makes You Say &@!*k!

TopBet’s horrible banking and customer service is what has done it in with regards to its reputation. The limited banking options that we found here seemed to show us just how poor the operations are here, and we experienced nothing but headaches in our financial dealings with TopBet.

The site accepts Visa and QuickCash for deposits, and offers payouts through credit cards and checks.

While we did not win anything at the site, we can cite several players who have had their winnings denied by the site. While TopBet will tell you that they are under new management now, the possibility of having your money denied to you still exists. Until we see otherwise, we simply cannot say that the banking system here is stable or good at all.

Clueless Customer Service

While we can say that the banking is a big question mark, the customer service is something that we can tell you is decisively awful. To put it nicely, the crew at TopBet is clueless.

We ended up posing some questions regarding bonuses at TopBet, and waited… and waited for a response. The site’s lack of an instant messenger means that you are reliant on TopBet’s phone or email service to get you the help you need.

We started by calling into the line, and did not get anybody to pick up at all. Additionally, our emails went unanswered. As of the writing of this review we have yet to hear anything from TopBet, and we are not happy about it.

When we first arrived at TopBet, we were hopeful that the site’s good platform would be a sign that this sportsbook has finally gotten its act together. Sadly, the bad banking options and horrible customer service aren’t nearly up to snuff, and we can’t recommend TopBet at this time.

If the site gets its act together and overcomes the previous management’s decision to block out players, we would definitely consider raising TopBets’ review score.

Overall D+

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