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Sports betting has been something that has existed as long as sports themselves, that is to say forever. More recently, however, sports and mobile betting technology have intertwined to create a world where almost anything can be wagered upon, at any time, from anywhere. First, there were websites on the internet that alleviated the need to physically venture to a sportsbook or visit your local bookie’s apartment.

After some time, however, the internet itself became more accessible by way of tablets, smartphones, and the variety of other ways we access the web. Thanks to many of these new technological mediums, sports betting has become ceaselessly available at our fingertips.

Mobile betting is something that allows people to bet on the market of their choice at their discretion. No longer do you have to worry about sitting down at a computer or reaching a sportsbook in time, because your smartphone has now taken the place of both. In the following few sections we will talk a little bit more about mobile betting and how you can take advantage of it.

No Download Necessary

Whenever we talk about anything relating to smartphones (i.e. iPhone and Samsung devices), the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds is the countless number of apps (applications) we can download. When it comes to mobile sports betting, however, there are very few apps to speak of. While Europe is admittedly ahead of the game in this regard, North America has some catching up to do. Despite the absence of a plethora of smartphone sportsbook apps, there is by no means an absence of smartphone sportsbooks.

By simply navigating to the sportsbook you use on your phone, you will more than likely be redirected to a mobile version of that site. The mobile version exist to increase the user-friendliness of the overall mobile betting experience. In most cases, even though you are viewing and placing bets via your phone’s web browser, the mobile sportsbook will often have the look and feel of a traditional smartphone app.

While some people view it as a negative that mobile betting apps are often unable to be downloaded, the bright side is that it is one less app to take up precious memory space on your phone.

Betting Markets Offered

Just like the evolution of traditional online sports betting, mobile betting originated from rather humble beginnings. In the early days, the number of sports and leagues upon which you were able to wager was small. In fact, most sites only offered mobile betting on the year’s top events, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and World Cup Final. As time moved on, however, this changed for the better.

Nowadays, so long as you are making use of a reputable sportsbook’s services, you will find that the number of betting markets available can best be described as unending. In most cases, the same betting markets offered on the traditional desktop site are also available via mobile devices as well. There are exceptions to this, and for this reason it is important that you scout out and compare a few different sites as to get an idea of how different their mobile and desktop betting options are.

Live Mobile Betting

When it comes to mobile sports betting, it seems as good things come with patience. Shortly after the realm of mobile sports betting became known to the public, sportsbooks decided to take it a step further and offer live betting on mobile devices.

If you are at all unfamiliar, live betting—as its name implies—allows for users to place wagers in the midst of a sporting event. This concept was difficult for many people to wrap their heads around when it was available on desktop sites, and became even more astounding when it was made available on mobile devices as well.

No matter whether you are at your friend’s house, the bar, or even at work, live betting is never more than a few seconds away.

Mobile Betting Experience

Just because mobile betting is an option does not mean that it is the best option. While this has potential to be true, the fact of the matter is that mobile betting enhances the sports betting experience, it does not detract from it. So long as you are making use of a sportsbook that has a decent reputation and solid following, the fact of the matter is that you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to the user-friendliness of a given site.

As was previously mentioned, many of the mobile sportsbooks are set up like mobile apps despite working within your phone or tablet’s web browser. If you have any familiarity with smartphones whatsoever, the adaptation to mobile betting should be one that takes all of a few seconds. What’s more, so many sites have tutorials and guides that will work to clarify any aspect of the mobile betting experience that may be unfamiliar to you.

What the experience really comes down to is the site at which you are choosing to place bets. So long as you put in time to do research and pick a sportsbook that has a proven track-record, you will have no qualms with your mobile betting experience.

Mobile Banking

Finally, you might be wondering what happens if you need to make another deposit but are nowhere near a computer. In the past, you were flat-out out of luck until you could sit yourself down in front of a desktop again. Now, you are able to deposit on your mobile device just as easily as you would be on your computer. In fact, with some sites it is even speedier to deposit on your smartphone than it would be on a desktop or laptop.

Cash-outs are also able to be executed on your mobile device. We can go on and on, breaking down the finer facets of mobile betting and all that comes with it, but simply put, anything you can do on a traditional sportsbook website is now also able to be done via your phone or tablet. This sect of the industry is constantly growing as to make your experience crisper and more seamless.

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